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How to Astral Project

Dec 11, 2020 | Dreams

Astral projection or remote viewing is defined as “the ability to acquire accurate information about a distant or non-local place, person, or event without using your physical sense or any other obvious means” Most people astral project on their own for the first time without evening knowing it, this can also be referred to as a lucid dream.

Astral projection, self-initiated or intentional, is when the mind, body, soul reconnects with the astral plane. This shedding of the self places your consciousness into limitless potential, where the only barriers are self created. It is very important to prepare for a projection. When traveling the Astral plane remain grounded and guarded by light. I have multiple meditations to aid yourself in this aspect here.

There are a few different methods to achieve an astral projection, but first let I’ll discuss two tips I have found useful.

De-calcifying the pineal gland. Click here to read my full article. A few quick tips are drinking water from a natural source, eating lots of fruit and veggies, and also using fluoride free toothpaste.

Exercising and stretching the body. It may seem unrelated at first, but once incorporated, a stretch or workout routine will bring benefits all throughout the waking and sleeping hours. You may reach rest quicker once in bed because the body is truly ready to sleep, it doesn’t have any pent up energy. A relaxed body also allows energy to flow easier during rest. Picture a log hitting rocks and twigs down a river versus a leaf that will gently float with the current, gliding over or around anything it encounters. The body becomes the leaf when it’s relaxed and loose.

When you are ready to perform an astral projection it is important to relax and be in a space where you wont be interrupted. Begin by picturing a rope above your body and use this rope to lift yourself. As you visualizes, you will begin to raise one arm at a time and slowly pull away from the physical body that lies on the bed. Keep climbing up the rope until you’re fully out of your body. Imagine a portal opening up and a new space appearing in your minds eye. You’re now Astral projecting and free to go wherever.

Enjoy this free guided meditation



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