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How to make an easy grow table

Dec 11, 2020 | Gardening

This grow table will provide you with the right environment to grow thriving nutritious micro greens. This table is great for seed germination, nurse future transplants, among many other things.

What you need:

Folding table
1/2in Insulation Board
Christmas lights or heat mat (what I use)
Stones or bricks
1/8in plywood sheet
Duct tape
Temperature controller (what I recommend)
Light source (what I use)
Plastic roll or tarp

First measure the dimensions of the table. You need these dimensions to cut the right length and width of insulation. Use this length to cut the insulation to the right size. For instance I have x in of table length, I will cut x in of insulation length. I suggest 4 in of insulation width.

Next choose insulation thickness. I want to achieve 2 in of insulation height, since my insulation is 1/2in I will need x4 of each cut to achieve that height.

Next is the table width measurement (Y) take this and subtract (4×2 for the width measurement) to get get Y. Now cut Y width of insulation.

I now assemble my 4 in wide perimeter of insulation. I do this four times for each piece so it becomes a 2 in tall frame.

I duct tape them together to secure the pieces. You could also use glue but I prefer the tape as I can tape it tightly and ensure there are no air gaps.

I lay this on the table and duct tape the perimeter to hold it all together in one piece.

Next up is creating heat, to do this I use a combination of sources although you could use just one. I will cut one small section away of insulation to run an extension cord into the center of the table. Now I can add Christmas lights, low wattage bulbs, heating mats. Plug your choices in and spread them evenly.

Now you will need to connect your temperature controller. Here’s what I recommend. Plug it in and set your desired temperature. Insert the thermometer into the inner of the table. Connect the power source of lights to the controller.

To Install lighting I used an old laundry drying pole we already had in place. I attached fixtures to the pole by string plug light source into timer and plug timer into power source. Make sure to set the timer to your desired light cycle.

I contain all this together by using 1/8 in sheet of ply wood. I cut this to size and then cover in a thin sheet of plastic to create a water barrier.

Here is a look at my current set up.

Now sit back and enjoy the many benefits of having a heated grow table! Check out my article on how to grow microgreens!




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