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Response to Aaron Doughty Podcast Ep. 189

Jan 4, 2021 | Spiritual

While listening to Aaron Doughty’s recent podcast I felt guided to write a response/observation of episode 189. This episode was about Aaron and his friend Victor’s experience with plant medicine. They recently traveled to Costa Rica to participate in a plant medicine ceremony with respected shamans and a medium sized group of subscribers. Discussed in the episode are lessons from the ceremony, inner blocks, how they were transformed, and the five laws of creation.

While many topics and ideas were discussed in this podcast episode, I can’t cover it all, and I recommend that you give it a listen for yourself. Come back and leave a comment here or on his YouTube channel if it helped or gave you any insights.

Aaron and Victor both had meaningful and transformative experiences during and after the three days of ceremony. But before it even began the journey to the ceremony was comparable to a dark night of the soul. They had a hard time getting to the location, running late, no navigation system, running on empty stomachs, they encounter an unknown river. There was no bridge, only a long way around. Aaron adds how they were only 2o min away to the ceremony. A native was on a bike and told them they were going to have to go around. Victor started to question if this was a sign to go home as if it wasn’t meant to be. They already had two shamans cancel on the ceremony, so this was a low point for them, riding over and around potholes, three extra hours were added to the trip. Despite all of the obstacles, they decided to keep going.

They preserved since they had a group of people counting on them to be at the ceremony. After riding for hours around the river and finding their way through, they finally made it to the destination. Even though at times the drive got really tough, they kept encountering obstacles and eventually made it to the ceremony.

This drive they had relates to my awakening path in many ways. This journey represents me going into the unknown, encountering obstacles I could have never imagined, getting frustrated and doubting myself. This happens often when I get caught up in creating my dream life. I get attached to an idea of how life will play out. By becoming attached to the way of my path playing out, I am self sabotaging myself and my journey, if I were to simply let the events happen as they come and not hold the picture perfect idea of how it will play out, it becomes easy and fun. When I live in the moment and cultivate presence I realize everything I need is right in front of me. It is when I fall into the trap of me having to make it all happen, the work work work mentality, that I fall short of creating this dream reality. When I let go and enjoy the process I become light, unburdened, I can create easier than ever. If you are reading this I believe that just like Aaron and Victor play out these themes in life, me and the one reading this do too. I hope my insights can help shine light and guide you along your way.

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